Software that Creates Electronic Bundles & Hard Copy Bundles

With the rise of trial technology and the increased use of mobile devices and tablets within the legal field, it is becoming increasingly important for legal professionals to access their bundles in both electronic and paper format. That's where Bundledocs comes in.

With Bundledocs bundling software you don't have to choose between electronic bundles (e-bundles) or hard-copy paper bundles - you can have both!

How does it work? Bundledocs automatically produces an electronic version of your bundle (e-bundle). It is immediately accessible from any device and can be securely forwarded to any third party. But that's not all. If you require a hard-copy or traditional paper version of your bundles, this can be easily produced by simply pressing print. Let's take a look at how this is done...


But that's not the best bit. One of the main advantages with using Bundledocs is the automation of time consuming tasks such as indexing, hyperlinking, bookmarking etc. This can save considerable amounts of time and resources when creating bundles and provides the flexibility to change/amend any bundle created. Just think - if documents arrive in at the last minute - there is no need to re-do indexing, paginating or any bundling. Bundledocs will do it all for you!