E-bundles: Automatically bookmark PDF electronic bundles

As legal briefs can range in size from fifty pages to several thousand pages, it is important for any legal professional to be able to easily search and navigate their e-bundles or any legal document bundle. That’s where bookmarking comes in.

How to bookmark a legal bundle?

With Bundledocs bundle generation software bookmarking legal documents has never been easier. Our software automatically creates a complete index, numbers, orders and sections bundles to create a single PDF ebundle. Once the bundle has been generated, Bundledocs automatically bookmarks the entire bundle – so you don’t have to.

How to view bookmarks in a PDF document bundle?

In order to view the bookmarks in your PDF ebundle, users can do the following.

1. Click the Bookmark Tab: Located on the left side of the PDF (as shown below)


2. Click View – Navigation Panels – Bookmarks

Once the bookmark tab has been selected, simply scroll through the bookmarks, select the required page and it will appear immediately. Finding information in your bundle has never been easier.


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