Legal Brief Generator Software

Need help creating legal briefs, Bundledocs is here to help.

For many firms creating legal briefs for court can be a time consuming and laborious task. Legal professionals can spend hours ordering, formatting, numbering and creating an index for their brief. What’s more, if any last minute changes are required once the brief has been completed, these tasks may need to be repeated – meaning significantly more time is wasted.

How can Bundledocs help?

Bundledocs brief generator compiles multiple files, of different types, into a single PDF document. Each brief created is automatically ordered, formatted, paginated and an index is automatically generated. What’s the best part? Once your brief is complete, if any changes are needed, Bundledocs will immediately generate a new brief – at no extra cost.

Let’s take a look at some of Bundledocs key features:

Index: Automatically creates an index for the brief.

Paginate: Automatically numbers each page of the brief - customise to suit your requirements.

Sections: Easily create sections within your brief. There are no pages or section limits.

Navigation: Each completed PDF brief is bookmarked for easy navigation.

Hyperlinked: Bundledocs will automatically hyperlink your index.

Changes: Making changes is simple. Briefs are re-formatted instantly.

Teamwork: Choose team members that can view and edit bundles.

Invite a 3rd party: Send a security protected brief to third parties.

Access: Access your brief from any location 24/7 – you just need an internet connection.

Document types: Upload any file type into your brief.

Unlimited uploads & downloads: Upload unlimited documents and download unlimited completed briefs – no extra cost.

Why not try Bundledocs for yourself? Avail of our FREE trial and see how you can quickly and easily create an index for your legal documents. Create your free trial today!