How to Create an eBrief


Creating electronic briefs/ ebriefs is easy with Bundledocs...

As legal professionals continue to adopt electronic devices such as iPads and other tablet devices, and predictions suggesting that paperless courts could become a reality, there is a growing need within the legal sector to produce ebriefs or electronic briefs.

So, how do I create an electronic brief?

The American Bar previously wrote an informative article detailing the steps required to manually create an electronic brief. The article entitled "How to build electronic briefs" discussed how to convert your documents to PDF, how to combine your PDF documents, bookmarking and linking your e-brief. To read more visit:

However, for most lawyers spending time manually creating ebriefs is not an option. So what’s the solution?

Bundledocs brief building software is designed to help legal professionals easily create ebriefs. With Bundledocs documents of any type and regardless of size are converted into a single PDF document. This unique software automatically creates a complete index for your brief, paginates (numbers), orders, sections and formats the entire brief. Furthermore, each document is automatically bookmarked for easy navigation.

Create your ebrief the easy way with Bundledocs. Want to learn more? View our features page to learn more!

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