Legal Brief Building Software with Online Collaboration


Bundledocs is specifically designed to help legal professionals with every aspect of creating briefs, from beginning to end. We know that collaborating and sharing legal briefs or bundles is important, so we have integrated this as part of our legal brief bundling software. Let's take a quick look at some of the collaborative features available within Bundledocs...

1. Forward your brief to a third party

With Bundledocs you can forward security protected briefs to any third party - regardless of their location. This is particularly useful for users generating large legal briefs, which may be too large to send via email. 

2. Share a case with others

Share case documents with third parties to enable them to access any file or document contained within a case/bundle. All sharing is security protected, you choose what case to share and the recipient is not required to have a Bundledocs account in order to access documents. 

3. Migrate a case

Easily migrate a case to another user. This will move the entire case including all the files and settings from one Bundledocs account to another account. 

4. Work in groups

It is easy to work together in groups to create legal briefs. Simply share a case with other team members allowing them to access and edit cases. Unlike the 'Migrate a Case' option the case will not be removed from your account, but instead will grant access to other users to also work on the brief. This is great if a number of people or departments need to work on a case. This will ensure that everyone is working from the same page and there is no duplication of work done.