Video: Working with Document Dates in Bundledocs

This week Bundledocs announced the introduction of our new dates features. Our latest release will enable you to effortlessly include document dates within your completed index - and all with the click of a button!


When it comes to creating documents for court, Bundledocs is the one tool you need. We automatically handle document indexing, pagination and the creation of a single downloadable PDF bundle. It’s instantly ready to save or electronically share with others.

With Bundledocs you can customise the look and feel of your bundle to suit your requirements. Upload a custom cover page, a custom index page, watermark and much much more.

One thing we get asked about time and time again is the ability to handle document dates. Yes - Bundledocs allows you to include document dates in your bundle. You choose the date format and easily change if needed. Better still, we even include functionality to allow you to sort documents in date order with a single click.

Don’t believe us? Check out our ‘Working with Document Dates’ video to see it in action...

Interested to learn more? Download your FREE copy of our manual today and find out everything there is to know about working with dates - as well as so much more.