Feature Focus: Effortlessly Upload your Table of Authorities

Regardless of what type of bundle you need to produce, Bundledocs has the solution for you. 

Depending on what area you work in - whether it is legal services, procurement, contractual work - the type of bundles you will need to produce may vary. Don't worry, with a range of customisable options available, Bundledocs have got it covered.  

Recently we received an inquiry from a user that wanted to apply a custom Table of Authorities to their bundle. In today's feature focus post, we will take a look at how this can be done.

Step One - Upload: You can easily upload a custom Table of Authorities document into your bundle via the Generate option. Select 'Generate'. Within the 'Bundle Intro Document' section select 'Choose Intro Document to Upload'. 

Step Two - Rename: Once uploaded, you can easily rename your file. This name will then appear within your completed index. Select 'Update' to complete. 

That's it! Once generated, your custom table of authorities will appear within your bundle directly after your index page. Get in touch with our team today to see it in action!