Feature Focus: How to Make your Bundles Private (Unshare)

Bundledocs unique bundling solution has been designed to make the process of producing professional bundles simple from start to finish. It not only reduces time consuming and repetitive tasks such as indexing, pagination and bookmarking but also offers a range of additional features that help make the entire bundling effortless.

If you are familiar with Bundledocs you will know that it is easy to share bundles and work collaboratively to produce the perfect bundle. In some cases however, you may not want to share specific bundles with your group members. In today's #featurefocus post, we will highlight how to make bundles private . Let's see how it's done.

1. On the home screen, select the 'Edit Case Details' icon. This is located to the right of each case listed in your account. 

2. Once selected a window will automatically appear. Select the 'Advanced' tab to expand this section. 

3. From the options listed, untick the 'Make this case available to groups' box. 

4. To complete click 'Update'.

That's it! Even better, a grey silhouette will appear beside any case that is not visible to group members. Making it simple to see at a glance. 

Want to learn more about Bundledocs groups and sharing? Download a copy of our complete training guide. This can be accessed directly within your Bundledocs account. Not already a user? Set up your free trial today!