Can I remove the Index Page from my Bundle? - Training Tip

Following on from our recent post where we highlighted how to remove the cover/title page from your bundle, today's #trainingtip post will focus on how you can quickly remove the index page from your bundle. 

If you are new to Bundledocs then you may not be aware that Bundledocs automatically generates a complete index - that is fully sectioned, numbered and hyperlinked for easy navigation. Even better, Bundledocs offers a range of customizations so you can adjust your index to suit your requirements. 

In some cases however you may not require the inclusion of a complete index for your bundle. So, to remove the index page from your bundle simply do the following: 

  1. Select Generate

  2. Expand the 'Index Pages' section and select 'Remove Global Index Pages'. 

  3. Apply additional customizations (if needed) and generate your bundle.

Give it a go for yourself. If you are new to Bundledocs then make sure to create your free 30 day trial account now. Already using Bundledocs? Then login now and try customizing your bundle today.