Bundledocs: Intuitive Bates Numbering Software

Bates numbering or bates stamping as it is also known, is a method of uniquely numbering legal documents. Bates numbering is affixed electronically to documents and provides identification, protection and timely data retrieval for legal professionals.

For those applying bates numbering to legal bundles or briefs, Bundledocs is the solution for you. Bundledocs is designed to help legal professionals effortlessly prepare quality bundles in minutes. The best bit – it only takes 5 steps. 

Bundledocs provides a range of customisable options so you can create a bundle to suit your requirements. So when applying bates numbering to your bundle, you choose how you want your numbering to appear. Let’s see an example…

Example of Bates Numbering with Bundledocs

Example of Bates Numbering with Bundledocs

It gets better… Bundledocs provides the flexibility so you can easily make changes to your completed bundle. If documents need to be added or removed – no problem. Bundledocs automates these tasks so last minute changes are handled with ease. There is no need to re-do numbering and your updated bundle is immediately available.