Bundledocs Announce New Integration Partner Box

At Bundledocs, we are delighted to announce that we have recently integrated with Box, an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service for businesses. 

Our new integration with Box uploads your files directly into your brief or document bundle. Once uploaded, Bundledocs will take care of the rest to immediately produce a document bundle that is ready to print, save or share. Remember, building a bundle with Bundledocs only takes 5 steps. Click here to see our '5 Steps to Create a Bundle'. 

Let's take a look at our new integration with Box...


Choose Upload Location: Choose which section your documents should be uploaded. This is particularly relevant if you have created multiple sections within your bundle. 


Choose Documents: An upload window will appear. Simply select the documents you want to upload into Bundledocs. They will immediately begin to upload and will appear within your bundle.