Feature Focus: Upload a Title Page for your Generated Bundle

Bundledocs software is specifically designed to help users quickly and easily create document bundles. Our software provides a range of features and customisable options so you can ensure you create a bundle that suits your requirements.

One feature that is particularly beneficial is the option to include a title page for your bundle. As you may have read in our recent posts, the latest release of Bundledocs saw a number of design changes and feature updates. Within this release, the 'Upload Title Page' option has been moved and is now included within the Generate options. Let's take a closer look...


Step 1: Select the 'Generate' option. The Generate window will then appear. 


Step 2: Click the '+' next to the 'Bundle Title Page' option.

Step 3: Click the 'Choose Title Page' button to upload your title page. 

Once selected the title page will appear at the beginning of your completed bundle. Remember you can delete or replace the uploaded title page, at any time. Simple re-generate your bundle once any changes have been made and download. 

Remember, if you have included sections within your bundle, you have the ability to add individual title pages for each section.