Can I change how my documents are numbered in Bundledocs? - Q&A

Can I change how the documents are numbered or paginated in Bundledocs?

Can I change how the documents are numbered or paginated in Bundledocs?

If you need to paginate documents then look no further than Bundledocs. Bundledocs offers you incredible flexibility when it comes to numbering your bundle. Before we get started, we should mention that it's completely automatic so any numbering can be applied and even changed with the click of a button. Just think of how much time and hassle this could save you!

Can I change how the documents are numbered or paginated? I would like to choose the page numbers i.e. A1, A2, A3 - rather than just numbers?
— New User Query

When it comes to numbering and paginating your bundle you can choose how you want it to appear. This is all done within the 'Generate' area. Recently, our support team received a query asking it is was possible to add page numbering in the format - A1, A2, A3? Yes, it sure is. Here's how...

  1. Within the generate area, expand the 'Page Numbering' area. 

  2. Click the option 'Prefix Page Number with Section Number'. This will change your number to appear in the format 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 or alternatively, A.1, A.2, A.3 - depending on what format your sections appear in. 

  3. That's it. Click the 'Generate' button to complete and download. 


That's just the beginning. When it comes to paginating and numbering your documents in Bundledocs, we offer a wide range of options. For example, you can choose to restart page numbering at the beginning of each new section; choose where it appears; or even remove it entirely. That's not all. For those that require bates numbering or the inclusion of leading zero's/numbering, this is all possible. Get in touch with us to find our more. 


Interested to learn more? If you are already a Bundledocs user then make sure to grab a copy of our complete training manual. Or if you are new to Bundledocs then start your free (no obligation) trial today

Top Tip! Bundledocs Templates helps make bundle creation even easier. Set your structure, format for your bundle and set any customisations (like page numbering). Then every time you create a bundle using this template, all these settings will be pulled in automatically. 


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