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3 Ways Lawyers Can Reduce Paper Waste

Whether your environmentally conscious or simply looking to reduce costs, there are many reasons why moving towards a paperless office can be good for your practice. In today’s post we will explore the top 3 ways electronic document bundling software and collation tools, like Bundledocs, can help you reduce paper waste and even save you money in the process.



(This one reduceS paper waste + saveS valuable employee time)

We may be biased here but making the switch to electronic bundles is key to reducing paper waste for your practice. Many practices today still manually prepare bundles which can amount to significant paper waste - as well as wasting valuable employee time.

The process of preparing court document and bundles is a time intensive and laborious task. Making the switch to an electronic bundle tool can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to prepare documents. Tools, like Bundledocs, automatically collate documents into a single PDF file handling indexing, paginating and everything in between. As everything is done electronically, making changes is done instantly and there is no paper waste.

For example, if document arrive at the last minute. Simply upload them into Bundleodcs, re-paginate with a single click and download the updated bundle. Just think how much time, effort and paper could be saved!


(This one reduces paper waste + saves printing costs)

We know that not all courts accept electronic bundles (yet), but that does not mean you can’t produce bundles using electronic document bundling tools.

In an attempt to reduce paper waste and help save on printing costs such as paper and printer ink, making the move to electronic bundling can be really helpful. Using an electronic bundling tool you can handle all preparation electronically and draft again and again until you get it right. No need to print unnecessarily. Simply wait until you need to have a paper copy of the bundle and print. Only print once - one time, one cost.

Plus, when the courts do come to accept electronic bundles, you’ll be ready!


(This one reduces paper waste + removes postage costs)

At Bundledocs we know that you may need to work together on bundles. That’s why we’ve included a range of online collaborative features that can help you reduce paper waste and significantly reduce postage costs when you need to share a bundle with others.

Need to send a bundle to a third party? Then our Secure Share feature is for you. Want to grant access to a collaborator to work on the bundle with you? That’s where Bundledocs Collaboration comes in. Or do you only want to work with your colleagues and team members on bundles? Bundledocs powerful Groups has everything you need to get the job done.

No need to have copies of bundles everywhere. Create a single bundle electronically and grant access to anyone that needs it. Secure and cost effective. Win, win!

If you’re looking to move towards a paperless (or less paper) office, then get in touch. We offer a free 30-day trial so you can test Bundledocs and start reducing your paper waste today.

Top 3 Reasons to Build Electronic Court Bundles Rather than Paper Bundles

On the hunt for a solution to help you create court bundles quickly and easily. You’ve come to the right place. In today’s post we will explore the top 3 reasons your practice should create electronic court bundles rather than paper bundles. Let’s jump right in…


When it comes to creating court bundles many firms today still rely heavily on printers and manual processes. Why so when there are awesome tools like Bundledocs electronic document bundling software available to do all the time consuming and laborious work for you? So if you’re reluctant to give up the printer, we’ve gathered together our top 3 reasons you should build electronic court bundles rather than paper copies…


Creating electronic court bundles rather than paper copies doesn’t have to be hard decision. If you create your bundles using electronic document bundling software you can have both - and you don’t have to do any extra work!

  • No extra work. Bundles created using systems like Bundledocs will automatically produce your bundle in electronic format. Once complete you can easily download in PDF format, save, send and even print.

  • Power of electronic bundles. Even if you are required to print your final bundle, having an electronic copy available will always come in handy. For example, each bundle produced in Bundledocs is automatically bookmarked and the index (which is automatically generated) is fully hyperlinked too - one click and you’re there. Better still we offer in-built OCR functionality so your final ebundle is fully text searchable. Just think no more sieving through leaver arch files!

  • Create court bundles on the go. As you’re no longer tied to your desk and printer, you can create complete electronic bundles wherever you are. Work seamlessly on your case from any location, on any device, at any time.

complete compliance

One of our users Armstrong Family Law recently wrote an article about investing in Bundledocs bundle creation software to help with their move towards a “paperlite” (not paperless) office. In the article he mentioned how lawyers are notorious for having large piles of paper files in their office that are both a combination of current case files and files where cases have concluded. But how can producing electronic court bundles help with this?

  • Instantly Archive Electronic Bundles. Solicitors have to keep files for at least 6 years in order to comply with the requirements of the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct. As such having the ability to save electronic records is great for those that want to reduce paper storage whilst still remaining compliant. Paperlite office here you come!

  • Works with your system. Bundledocs makes it even easier to archive electronic court bundles with our range of integration partners, including: iManage, NetDocuments, Tikit TFB Partner for Windows, Dropbox and many more. Better still we have an Open API which makes integrating with third parties easy.


  • Reduce unnecessary printing costs. Using tools like Bundledocs you no longer need to print bundles unnecessarily. Produce electronically, collaboratively work with others, electronically share with anyone that needs a copy and only print where you need to.

  • Work with anyone. Do you need to work with colleagues in different offices? Or share bundles with clients? Or even collaborate with the other side? There are a range of features available to make document production simple - and will save you time and money too.

  • Changes are instant. Build your bundle up over time, make changes as you go and save all the last minute stress. Make a change? Your page numbering is instantly updated with a single click. With no limit to the amount of changes you can make, you can draft again and again until you get it just right.

Interested to learn more about Bundledocs and how it can help solve your electronic document bundling woes. Get in touch. We offer a free trial so you can test it out and see if it suits your requirements. There’s absolutely no obligation and no credit card required either.

How to Index Legal Documents - A Lawyers Paperless Office

Dreaming of making your office paperless? Then we have just the solution for you. Anyone striving to create a paperless office - or at least a less paper office - needs the right solutions. That's where Bundledocs comes in. 

Your_Paperless_Office_Awaits (00018893-2xC5E42).PNG

So what is Bundledocs you ask? In short, it is a solution that helps you prepare your court bundles, briefs, binders, booklets - really any type of collated bundle. It's completely electronic so is the perfect fit for any legal professional looking to reduce the amount paper wasted when preparing documents. 

How does it work? It's designed to be incredibly simple to use. Just take your document from anywhere - your folder, case or document management system. Bundledocs then automatically organises your documents into a neat, indexed, paginated, sectioned bundle in minutes. Even better, if any changes are needed there is no need to waste time or paper. Just make the change and re-generate. Easy!


How can I index legal documents with Bundledocs?

If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily create an index then you've come to the right place. Let take a look at how Bundledocs can help...

Trouble viewing? Check out our ‘How to index legal documents’ video on our YouTube channel


Yes, that's right. Bundledocs is completely automatic. This means that with one single click, it will automatically create a complete index for you. All you need to do is upload your documents, arrange in the order you want them to appear (just drag and drop) and Bundledocs does the rest - all at the click of a button.

That's not all. It also automatically paginates and numbers your entire bundle, creates bookmarks and even hyperlinks your finished index page so you can easily move around your finished bundle. Click and your there!

Don't believe us? Why not give it a go and create a FREE 30 day trial account (with no obligation) or get in touch and we can arrange a FREE online demonstration for you.



From speaking with our clients, one feature they love is the ability to just securely share the index page with outside counsel. This is great as there is no need to print off the bundle each time you need them to review and sent it over. Now you can just send the index page. Rather than going into details about how it all works, we have created a video so you can see for yourself... 



For anyone looking to adopt a paperless office, our wide range of collaboration options are ideal for you. No need to go printing off reams of paper unnecessarily. With Bundledocs you can work collaboratively in groups, add collaborators for anyone working outside your practice, securely share your bundle with anyone - all direct from Bundledocs. 


Interested to learn more about Bundledocs and how it can help you move towards a paperless office? Get in touch to arrange your free online demonstration and free trial


Law Firms can make a Paperless Office a Reality with Bundledocs

Make your law firm paperless with Bundledocs 

Making the switch to a paperless office - or at least a less paper office - is more than just simply scanning everything and converting your paper files into electronic copies. You need to have the right software, processes and systems in place that are relevant to your firm and address your practices requirements. 

When it comes to document bundling or preparing documents for court, Bundledocs has got you covered. We offer a range of features that help save you time, reduce the hassle associated with document production - and offer a paperless solution for your firm.

So, what ways can Bundledocs help your firm move towards a paperless office?

  1. Online Storage: Upload and store all files needed for your bundle in Bundledocs. All files are securely stored in one location.

  2. Complete Access: As a Cloud based solution, you can access your documents and work on your bundle at any time, any place and from any device.

  3. Effortless Collaboration: Use Bundledocs to collaborate with Counsel, colleagues and co-workers. Share your bundle, work on it with others, keep copies of drafts.

  4. Secure Share: Securely send draft or completed bundles to colleagues, counsel, other side solicitors or any third party.

  5. Paperless Bundle Creation: Create your complete bundles from scratch. Effortlessly upload files directly into Bundledocs. Any physical paper or incoming mail that is received can be scanned, stored in your document management system and/or uploaded directly into Bundledocs. Easily review, change and amend your bundle as many times as you need - with no paper wasted and no extra cost!

  6. Powerful Integrations: Bundledocs has developed integrations with leading cloud based solutions including: NetDocuments, Clio, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Worldox Cloud - to name just a few. See our complete list of integration partners.


Not just for lawyers. Many Bundledocs users are using our solution to help make their office paperless. Check out a quote below or discover what our customers are saying about Bundledocs. 

I run a high volume finance broking company. Bundledocs is the only alternative I could find to using a full paperless system. Everything else is cumbersome and places added costs and time in trying to make a truly paperless brief. Bundledocs allows you run multiple files at once, and using templates allows it to be tailored for different lenders / purposes, providing an at glance update on what is still outstanding. It also allows us to provide a much more professional loan file to the lender for consideration
— Owner Manager, Mortgage Choice

Are you ready to make the switch to a paperless office?

Make sure to get in touch with our dedicated team to arrange your free online demonstration and/or free 30-Day trial. We are happy to assist!

Create eBundles on your Smartphones or Tablet Device - App Focus

With over 14 years experience working in legal technology, the Bundledocs team know that producing ebundles - electronic bundles - can be a time consuming and laborious task. With Bundledocs that problem is a thing of the past. 

What does Bundledocs do? In short, it takes all your documents (emails, word documents, PDFs, images etc.) and combines them into a single PDF. It automatically creates an index that is hyperlinked, bookmarked and fully searchable. Its fully compliant and flexible so you can produce ebundles to suit court requirements. 

What's great about Bundledocs is that you can not only access but create complete ebundles from anywhere. This is great for any busy lawyer or legal professional on the move and means you are no longer tied to the office. 

Why choose Bundledocs App for all devices?

Intuitive Look & Feel

Bundledocs responsive design ensures you can work from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and there is no difference in the look and feel. Effortlessly create ebundles from any device, from any location, at any time. 

No Learning Curve

Bundledocs is so simple and easy to use you don't even need training. Making the switch to the Bundledocs App? No need to worry, it works the same way as the Bundledocs you're used to. Check out our latest post to see the top 3 things you need to make the switch today!

Complete Feature Range

With Bundledocs App you can not only view/download completed bundles from any location - you can create complete bundles from scratch. Have access to your complete Bundledocs feature range and create professional ebundles on the move. Don't believe us? Sign up for a free trial today and put an end to your bundling worries.