3 Ways Lawyers Can Reduce Paper Waste

Whether your environmentally conscious or simply looking to reduce costs, there are many reasons why moving towards a paperless office can be good for your practice. In today’s post we will explore the top 3 ways electronic document bundling software and collation tools, like Bundledocs, can help you reduce paper waste and even save you money in the process.



(This one reduceS paper waste + saveS valuable employee time)

We may be biased here but making the switch to electronic bundles is key to reducing paper waste for your practice. Many practices today still manually prepare bundles which can amount to significant paper waste - as well as wasting valuable employee time.

The process of preparing court document and bundles is a time intensive and laborious task. Making the switch to an electronic bundle tool can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to prepare documents. Tools, like Bundledocs, automatically collate documents into a single PDF file handling indexing, paginating and everything in between. As everything is done electronically, making changes is done instantly and there is no paper waste.

For example, if document arrive at the last minute. Simply upload them into Bundleodcs, re-paginate with a single click and download the updated bundle. Just think how much time, effort and paper could be saved!


(This one reduces paper waste + saves printing costs)

We know that not all courts accept electronic bundles (yet), but that does not mean you can’t produce bundles using electronic document bundling tools.

In an attempt to reduce paper waste and help save on printing costs such as paper and printer ink, making the move to electronic bundling can be really helpful. Using an electronic bundling tool you can handle all preparation electronically and draft again and again until you get it right. No need to print unnecessarily. Simply wait until you need to have a paper copy of the bundle and print. Only print once - one time, one cost.

Plus, when the courts do come to accept electronic bundles, you’ll be ready!


(This one reduces paper waste + removes postage costs)

At Bundledocs we know that you may need to work together on bundles. That’s why we’ve included a range of online collaborative features that can help you reduce paper waste and significantly reduce postage costs when you need to share a bundle with others.

Need to send a bundle to a third party? Then our Secure Share feature is for you. Want to grant access to a collaborator to work on the bundle with you? That’s where Bundledocs Collaboration comes in. Or do you only want to work with your colleagues and team members on bundles? Bundledocs powerful Groups has everything you need to get the job done.

No need to have copies of bundles everywhere. Create a single bundle electronically and grant access to anyone that needs it. Secure and cost effective. Win, win!

If you’re looking to move towards a paperless (or less paper) office, then get in touch. We offer a free 30-day trial so you can test Bundledocs and start reducing your paper waste today.