With Bundledocs, there is no need to spend time paginating documents. With a single click Bundledocs automatically superimposes the indexed number on each page of the document bundle. Better still, as Bundledocs allows you create multiple sections within their bundle, you even have the option to restart page numbering at the beginning of each new section.

If you’re on the hunt for a solution to help you paginate and number your documents, then you’re in the right place.

Document Pagination Made Easy

(Automatically Paginate your Documents with Bundledocs)


It’s Fully Automatic

Manage high volume document cases efficiently. Every bundle is automatically paginated, indexed, hyperlinked and bookmarked for quick and easy access.

Changes Are Simple

Draft again and again until you get it right. Need to make a change. No problem. Bundledocs handles last minute changes and late inserts with ease. 

Paginate Any Document

Upload any type of document and Bundledocs automatically converts them to PDF’s. Even better, we even keep the original document in case you need it!

How to Paginate Documents with Bundledocs

Our software is specifically designed to take the hard work out of document bundle creation. With Bundledocs, legal professionals and support staff no longer have to spend countless hours manually numbering or paginating document bundles.


With Bundledocs paginate is done with a single click. Our innovative software automatically handles the paginating of document bundles by superimposing page numbers on each page of your bundle. Here’s how it works…

Step One: Create your Bundle

Step Two: Create your Sections (if needed)

Step Three: Upload your Documents 

Step Four: Customise your Bundle (if needed) and Click 'Generate'.

Step Five: Your bundle is instantly paginated and fully indexed too!

Customise Page Numbering

Need to customise the page numbering? No problem. With Bundledocs you can specify how you would like the page numbering to appear. For example, if you have created multiple sections, you can choose to restart page numbering at the beginning of each section; You can choose where it appears; or even remove numbering entirely - the choice is yours! 


Pagination is automatically applied to each bundle and it's fully customisable. Let's take an example - if you would like to pick where you want your page numbering to appear... 

1. Select Page Numbering 

2. Users have the option to restart page numbering at the beginning of each new section. Just click the button (as shown). 

3. Where would you like your numbering to appear, at the bottom or top of your page? Select from drop-down if you would like your numbering to appear left, right or center.


Bates Numbering

For those that require bates numbering, this is also an option and can be customised to suit your requirements. Bates numbering is a method of indexing legal documents for easy navigation and retrieval. For example, users can set the number starting point, the length of the page number, the bates prefix and the bates suffix.


If you would like to apply bates numbering to your bundle, simply specify how you would like your bates numbering to appear.

1. Select Bates Numbering

2. Simply select the box to apply bates numbering to your document. 

3. Specify how you would like your bates numbering to appear using the fields provided.


Top Tip! Although the Bates Numbering feature is mainly used by our clients in the US, it can come in handy for our other clients too. It is great for anyone that would like to start numbering of their bundle at a particular number - rather than one. Interested to see how it works? We offer a FREE 30 day trial (no credit card needed and absolutely no obligation) so give it a try!