Technology's Transformation of the Legal Field

Robert Half Legal has recently released their report, entitled ‘Future Law Office: Technology’s Transformation of the Legal Field’. The report discuses “how technological innovations have impacted and will continue to impact the practice of law, the management of law firms and corporate legal departments, as well as the relationships between legal counsel and their clients.”

The report highlighted an observation by attorney and author of the LawSites blog, Robert J. Ambrogi. Writing about technology and the legal field, he previously stated, “it is not so much that technology has imposed itself on lawyers, as that changes in the demands of law practice have required new solutions.”

As the report highlights law firms are adopting new technologies in order to increase efficiency, competitiveness and lower costs. For Bundledocs users, adopting legal bundling software within their firms has seen considerable benefits. When discussing Bundledocs, Ronan Kennedy of Kennedy Frewen O’Sullivan stated, “I created a bundle in two hours the old way, then I did it again using Bundledocs, it took only twenty minutes. This process takes all the pain out of ensuring that bundles are created on time, and are paginated properly. It simplified a time consuming task that used to require too much manpower and supervision.”


What new technologies has your firm adopted?  Have you seen any benefits?


Download Report: ‘Future Law Office: Technology’s Transformation of the Legal Field