Bundledocs Step by Step Help Guide

Have you logged into your Bundledocs account recently? A lot has been happening.

At Bundledocs, we are continually evolving our product to benefit our users. In addition to some recently added features, we have also developed a Step-by-Step Page Guide to help users easily create their legal bundles.


So, how do I use the Step-by-Step Guide?

Our guide is easy to use. Firstly, users should login to their Bundledocs account at https://app.bundledocs.com/ and enter their unique username and password.

To reveal the Step-by-Step guide, click on the ‘Page Guide’ icon. All information relating to the steps will be displayed in the grey bar, at the bottom of the screen.

Users can easily navigate through the steps by either clicking on the numbers or using the navigational arrows within the grey bar.

If at any point you do not require the guide, simply click on the ‘Page Guide’ icon or click ‘Close’ on the grey box, at the bottom of the page.

Our new Step-by-Step guide has been designed to help our users easily create the perfect bundle. However, if you require any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email or by calling +353 (0)21 482 6320.

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