Bundledocs App

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to build bundles while out of the office? Wouldn't it be even better if it were possible to do this from your tablet or smartphone? With Bundledocs now you can. 

Bundledocs powerful bundling app enables legal professionals to effortlessly create, build, amend or simply access bundles from any device or location. This is great for any busy legal professional on the go and ensures you continue to create high quality professional bundles regardless of where you are.

Put a stop to the laborious and time consuming task of creating bundles - book your free online demonstration today!

Build Bundles Anytime. Anywhere.


What is Bundledocs? Bundledocs is a complete document bundling solution that helps legal professionals create bundles in minutes. It automates all time consuming activities so creating bundles is effortless. Using Bundledocs means you don't have to worry about creating an index, paginating, hyperlinking... Bundledocs does it all for you. 

That's not all. Bundledocs offers legal professionals the flexibility to seamlessly produce high quality bundles regardless of location or even time zone. This is great when collaborating with team members in different offices or countries. 

Wait, it gets better. The new Bundledocs App will revolutionise the way your firm creates bundles. With the Bundledocs App you don't even need to be near a computer or laptop to produce high quality bundles. Regardless of whether you need to create a complete bundle from scratch, make amendments or simply view your completed bundle - it can now all be done directly from your smartphone or tablet device.

Document Bundling Made Easy

Ever needed to quickly amend, update or even produce a complete bundle whilst out of the office? If so, then Bundledocs is the solution for you. Best bit? You don't even need to be near a laptop or desktop. 

Any Device: Works with Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops or Desktops

Any Location: Create Bundles in Any Location or Time Zone

Simple & Intuitive: Produce Bundles in Only 5 Steps 

Flexible: Review, Amend or Create Complete Bundles in Minutes

Current User? Same Features & Functionality as Desktop Solution