Where do I signup to use Bundledocs Software?

Bundledocs document bundling software offers a free 30 day trial. You don't need to provide any credit card details and there is no obligation. If you are interested in Bundledocs you can sign up today by visiting our 'Create an Account' page. 

That's not all. We also provide free online demonstrations. This is great if you would like to have an overview of Bundledocs before you start your trial. Book your demonstration today!


How long does a free trial last?

Our free trial is 30 days. You can upgrade your account at any time and this can all be done directly within your account. 


Does Bundledocs provide a product demonstration?

Yes. Bundledocs offers a FREE online demonstration to anyone interested in taking a closer look at how it all works. How can you book? Simply fill out the Online Demonstration Form and our team will be in touch to schedule a suitable date and time for your demo.


What software and hardware do I need?

Bundledocs is a completely 100% cloud based software. This means you do not need to purchase any additional hardware or software. Simply access Bundledocs via your web browser. 

Not already a Bundledocs user? You don't have to wait. You can immediately create your free trial account. Then if you are happy to move forward you can subscribe at any time, directly within your account. The best bit? You don't even need to arrange training. Our complete user manual is readily available and can be downloaded at any time from your account. 


How does Bundledocs work?

Bundledocs makes document collation simple. Take your documents from anywhere - your folder, case or document management system. Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, indexed and sectioned booklet in minutes. Instantly ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can change in seconds. Simple, easy to use, time-saving and massively efficient. No upfront costs, no training needed, no minimum terms - just get going! 

  1. Upload: Securely upload your documents into Bundledocs. Files can include: .doc, .pdf, .msg, images etc.

  2. Arrange & Customise: Easily move documents into place through dragging and dropping files. Then customise how you want your bundle to appear. For example, customise your index page, add watermarks, apply bates numbering etc. 

  3. Download: Bundledocs software automatically handles formatting, paginating, indexing and bundling of documents. The completed bundle is then immediately ready to download, print or securely share with others.

Interested to learn more? Arrange your free online demonstration or check out our '5 steps to create a bundle' video now. 

How can I re-order or move documents?

Yes, there are a number of ways to move documents in Bundledocs.

  1. Drag and Drop: You can drag n drop individual file. This can be done by selecting the File Type Icon (i.e. the pdf logo) and drag and drop into place. Once happy, click save and your numbering with automatically update.

  2. Select Multiple Files: Multiple files can be moved at once. This can be done by selecting the blue icon to the right of each document. Select in the order that you want the documents to move. Then simply drag and drop into place. Alternatively, you can click on the File Type Icon (i.e. the .doc file) and all selected documents will be moved beneath this.

  3. Select a Range of Documents: If you would like to select a range of documents, use your SHIFT key on your keyboard to select a range of documents. Once selected you can either drag/drop or click to move.

Check out our Move Documents with Ease video to see how it works.

Can I order my bundle by date or in chronological order?

Yes. First you will need to show the documents on screen - this does not appear by default. To show documents on screen:

  1. Select the ‘Edit Details‘ icon. This is located to the right of any bundle on your home screen. A window will then appear.

  2. Within the ‘Advanced‘ section, select the option ‘Show Document Date on Screen‘.

  3. Click ‘Update‘ to save this setting.

Now go back into your bundle and you will see the date displayed for each document. Dates can be easily edited by double clicking. Ordering your sections by date or in chronological order, can be done using the two icons to the right of your section. The first allows you to order by date; the second allows you order alphabetically. Click once to order to ascending order and a second time to order in descending order. Download a copy of our manual for full screenshots.

Can I apply redactions to a document?

Yes. To apply any annotations (redact, highlights, comments or hyperlinks) select the preview icon to launch the preview icon window (icon to far left of document). In preview mode locate the ‘paperclip’ on the blue bar across the top of the document. Click on the ‘paperclip’ and the annotation features will appear (redact, highlight and comment). To redact some text, select the redaction icon. Now click on the screen to add a redaction. A red box will immediately appear. Position this over the body of text you want to redact (note: you can easily amend the size). Tick to commit changes. Check our our Bundledocs Annotations video to see it in action.


Who would use Bundledocs software?

Bundledocs is suited to any professional who has a need to easily bundle and consolidate large numbers of documents into one single PDF file. Our software is particularly beneficial for Lawyers, Legal Execs & Legal Secretaries that require assistance in the preparation of document bundles. 

Unsure if Bundledocs is for you? Why not get in touch with our dedicated team today. We are more than happy to work through any queries and see if Bundledocs is the right fit for you. 


What type of documents can be bundled?

Bundledocs document bundling software can work with any type of document. These include Microsoft Word (.doc), Emails (.msg), .PDF, .txt, Pictures (.tif), Photographs, Maps and Charts etc. Check out our ‘What types of documents does Bundledocs support?‘ post for full details.


How will Bundledocs benefit my business?

Bundledocs document bundling software can benefit businesses by saving time, reducing costs and increase staff efficiency. With the automation of time consuming tasks and advanced features such as multi-user collaboration, document annotation and even 24/7 access (from any device), there is no reason not to choose Bundledocs. Check out our 'Why Bundledocs' page for more.


How will Bundledocs save my firm money?

Bundledocs software significantly reduces the cost associated with creating document bundles. Bundledocs document bundling software automatically orders, indexes and paginates documents into a single PDF document. Significant time is saved in the production of document bundles as firms no longer have to spend countless hours manually performing these tasks.

In addition, Bundledocs is more flexible and adaptable when compared to traditional methods of document bundle creation. If changes or amendments are required once the bundle has been generated, users would need to re-order, re-index and re-paginate the document bundle. With Bundledocs, simply make the necessary changes and re-generate a new bundle, saving firms a significant amount of time - and at no extra cost.


Where is my information stored?

Bundledocs’ data is stored in Europe, in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud data centres in Dublin, Ireland and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bundledocs is a true cloud based solution and as such the data may be retrieved from either location during disaster recovery or redundancy scenarios. For more information, please visit our Security page. 


Is my information safe?

User information is stored safely and securely using Microsoft SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption. Microsoft SSL Encryption ensures a secure communication channel exists preventing any interception of data from third parties, across our network and other internet communications. For more information about Bunndledocs security, visit our security page.


What else do you do with my data?

Nothing. We understand the importance of user information and data security. We guarantee users that we will not pass any information onto third parties.


If I cancel my account, what will happen to my information?

If you would like to cancel your Bundledocs account, we suggest that users take personal responsibility for their data and delete any documents to further ensure file removal. Once an account has been cancelled, or if you do not renew your subscription with us, all data will be deleted. 


Where do I access my documents?

Once you have successfully uploaded your files, these can be easily accessed at any time and from any location directly within your Bundledocs account


Can I get more information about this product?

Discover more about Bundledocs on our 'Why Bundledocs' page or our 'Features' page. Alternatively, check our our YouTube Channel to see Bundledocs in action. 

Got a question? Contact us directly on +353214826320 or submit a query and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have about Bundledocs.