Bundledocs Announce Sponsorship of iManage ConnectLive 2019

Bundledocs are thrilled to announce we will be sponsoring iManage ConnectLive 2019 in London and Dublin. In today’s post we will cover everything you need to know about ConnectLive 2019 and have even included a sneak peak into our latest iManage integration feature releases.


ConnectLive 2019 - What You Need to Know

The iManage user conference is back. Taking place over 3 weeks, 2 continents and multiple countries, this is the event to be at if you’re an iManage user. If you’re attending (or thinking of attending) you can look forward to: Getting an advanced look at product roadmaps; learning about new security and AI products; learning how to make your iManage system run better; interacting with iManage product experts to answer your questions; and even scoping out new partner tools, integrations, products and services - including Bundledocs!

This year is really exciting with the announcement of the ConnectLive Roadshow. The London event, which takes place on May 15, 2019 at etc. Venues Country Hall is just the beginning. The 2019 ConnectLive Roadshow will also visit other European cities such as Frankfurt & Madrid (May 13), Dublin & Stockholm (May 16), Amsterdam (May 20), and Paris (May 21). Keep a close eye on the official ConnectLive 2019 website if you’re interested in attending these events.

Bundledocs, an iManage Integration Partner, is delighted to be sponsoring not one but two events on the iManage ConnectLive Roadshow. We will start off in London and then head over to Dublin where we are Platinum sponsors for the Irish leg of the Roadshow. This year promises to be a great one filled with sessions that promote connections, education and foster communications to share best practices. Will you be there?

iManage ConnectLive 2019 London Event Details

Bundledocs will be sponsoring the upcoming ConnectLive 2019 London event. If you’re based in the UK then this is the event to be at. Here’s what you need to know…

Location: London

When: Wednesday, May 15th

Time: 08:00 – 18:00

Where: etc Venues County Hall, Riverside Building, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

How to get there: ConnectLive 2019 London is taking place at the etc Venues County Hall on Belvedere Road. Full details on how you can get there by tube, car or walking can be found over on the ConnectLive 2019 London Eventbrite Registration Form.

How can I register? For all event information including visitor registration, visit the official ConnectLive 2019 website - https://imanage.com/connectlive.

iManage ConnectLive 2019 Ireland Event Details

Next stop is Dublin where we will be Platinum Sponsors for the Dublin iManage ConnectLive Roadshow. If you’re in the area, then this is what you need to know…

Location: Dublin, Ireland

When: Thursday, May 16th

Time: 08:00 – 18:00

Where: Shelbourne Hotel, 27 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland.

How to get there: ConnectLive 2019 London is taking place at the beautiful Shelbourne Hotel in the heart of Dublin City. Full details on how you can get there by car, walking or public transport can be found over on the ConnectLive 2019 London Eventbrite Registration Form.

How can I register? For all event information including visitor registration, visit the official ConnectLive 2019 website - https://imanage.com/connectlive.

Sneak Peak! Latest Integration Updates

If you’re already an iManage and Bundledocs user, then we have some exciting new feature releases to share with you. Our development team have added some great new enhancements to our integration with iManage, we know you’re going to love. So what’s new?

  • Uploading Just Got Better. We’ve added a dynamic detailed upload report, so you can see in real-time the progress of your uploads. Quickly see what documents have been uploaded, which ones are converting and even if any have failed. You can export the report to excel if needed too.

    Remember, the great thing about Bundledocs is you don’t have to sit and wait for your documents to upload. Simply click upload and let it do the hard work for you. It doesn’t slow down your PC either so you can continue to work efficiently. Then when you come back you have a lovely report waiting that shows everything that’s happened.

  • It’s A Date. In our latest release, we’ve made it possible for you to include the iManage Custom Date in your bundle. Directly from the integration (via the Help section) you can now choose which Custom Date you want to include and even include a fallback date option if no custom date exists. Get in touch to see how it works.

  • What Else Is New? Over the last few months we’ve released some awesome new features to make Bundledocs even better. Did you know we now offer custom indexing (you decide the look of your index), instant order and bulk moving (sorting made easy) and even document manipulation (order, rotate, split, extract or even delete pages). Check out our recent New Feature Release posts to see everything that’s new to Bundledocs.

Hope to see you all at ConnectLive next month. Make sure to follow us on Twitter,  LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube to hear what we get up to. See you there!

Lexpo 2019 - The Legal Innovation Event - Event Recap

This month our team were in Amsterdam to sponsor Lexpo’19 - The Legal Innovation Event. What an event it was! Here’s what we got up to…


Lexpo 2019 was certainly an unforgettable year. The two day action-packed event had everything from great speakers, interesting topics and a range of suppliers showcasing industry leading solutions.

For the Bundledocs team this was our first year sponsoring the event. We were thrilled to showcase our electronic document bundling tool to so many and great to hear such wonderful things about Bundledocs. We had a lot of interest from those looking to integrate with iManage, NetDocuments and Tikit TFB P4W - who were all showcasing at the event.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stand on the day. It was great to meet you all!

Ultimate Electronic Document Bundling Software

At Lexpo’19 Bundledocs were delighted to have the opportunity to have our product video shown through-out the 2 day event. If you didn’t get the chance to attend this year, here is the video, so go check it out.


Our video covers everything Bundledocs does best - from document bundling, document manipulation, secure sharing, collaboration, OCR, redaction and annotations. Want to give it a try for yourself? Start your free 30-day trial or get in touch to arrange your free online demo.

Collaboration is the Theme of the Day

Each year Lexpo explore timely themes that are key for legal processionals. This year was no different and Lexp’19 focused on: collaboration, differentiation, valuation and cyber security.

Collaboration is increasingly becoming more important in the life of the lawyer - not only between lawyers and clients, but also between the professional experts working in different practice areas.

During the event, Bundledocs were on-hand to showcase our range of collaborative features to help make document preparation, amendments, collaborative working and delivery simple.

  • Effortless Collaboration: Share your bundle, work on it with others, keep copies of drafts. Perfect when you need to work with counsel or any third parties.

  • Secure Share: Securely send drafts or completed bundles to counsel, other side solicitors or any third party.

  • Work in groups: Seamlessly work with colleagues to create your document bundles with ease. Now you can ensure that everyone is working from the same page and there is no more duplication.

Interested in collaborating with others? Start your free 30 day trial today now.

Ready to Take a Closer Look?

Lexpo’19 was certainly a busy event this year, so if you didn’t get the chance to check out Bundledocs, then not to worry. Get in touch with us and we can arrange an online demonstration for you. We will show you how to create your bundle, redact, annotate, securely share with third parties and much more. Following this, we offer a free trial so you can fully test it out to see if it suits your requirements. Sound good?

Can I Collaborate with Colleagues in Remote Locations on Bundles using Bundledocs?

Let’s discuss collaboration. Here at Bundledocs making it easy and secure to work with others has been our priority since day one. Plus as a cloud-first solution we have the flexibility to allow you to work seamlessly with anyone, anytime and on any device. Let’s jump right in and show you how collaboration is done…


We were inspired to write today’s post from a recent enquiry we had about Bundledocs. The user (and now client) was looking for a solution that integrated with their DMS system and allowed them to easily collaborate on bundles with colleagues in different office - without the need to travel.

We are looking to collaborate with colleagues in remote locations on bundles - without the need to travel to each office. Is it possible to permit people in various offices access the bundle data so we can collaboratively work on bundles?
— Bundledocs Enquiry

Yes. If you too are looking for a solution to help you securely collaborate with colleagues, other side counsel, clients or any third party, then Bundledocs has a solution for you. In this post we will go through Bundledocs Secure Share; Bundledocs Online Collaboration and Bundledocs Groups. Let’s get started!

Secure Share

(Electronically share your bundles in an instant)

How it works. Our Secure Share allows you share a password protected bundle with anyone - outside counsel, barristers, other side solicitor, client etc. When you share a bundle using Bundledocs, the recipient will receive two emails: The first contains a unique password and the second email contains a link to download the bundle. Use both to instantly download the bundle.

How it helps. Our Secure Share is great for anyone working with large bundles. You are no longer limited by your email limits and can now send bundles of any size to anyone. You won’t need to print and send bundles unnecessarily and can help move towards being a less-paper office. Win. Win.

Did you know? Many of our clients are now using our Secure Share feature to share the index or Table of Contents page with others. Simply generate your bundle to only include the index page and then securely share your index with others. Here’s a quick video so you can see it in action: Share Index with Others (Video).

Over the last few months we’ve added a number of new enhancements to our Secure Share feature to make it even better. It is now possible to set an expiry date for your shared bundle; set download limits and even type longer messages when sending.

Online Collaboration

(Securely collaborate on bundles with anyone)

How it works. Bundledocs Online Collaboration allows you grant access to others to view, edit and work on your bundle(s). You can grant access to any third party - you control who is allowed access and what access type they have.

How it helps. With online collaboration the days of sending bundles back and forth are over. Create one bundle and grant access to anyone that needs it. This feature is great if you need to have a number of people working on a bundle. The best bit? You don’t even need to have a Bundledocs account. It’s automatically created when you send them the invite!

Did you know? Bundledocs allows multiple users to work on the same bundle, at the same time. This is brilliant for anyone who’s working on large complex cases. It ensures that when you’re working on a particular section of your bundle, it’s locked for use to another other user.

Work in Groups

(Work together with colleagues on your bundles)

How it works. Bundledocs Team Groups allow you to work together with colleagues on your bundles. Everyone is working from the same place - regardless of which office they are in or where in the world they are.

How it helps. You don’t have to wait until the last minute to start preparing your bundles. Build up and modify as the case progresses and remove the last minute stress. Plus with everyone working from the same place you no longer have to worry about duplication. What a dream!

Did you know? Bundledocs have introduced Management Groups to help you easily manage your organisations user licences, bundles, access rights, global template and styles - and much more. If you’ve yet to introduce Management Groups in your practice, then get in touch today. We will be happy to show you how it works and offer free Admin training too.

That’s a wrap. If you’ve any other queries about Bundledocs secure share, online collaboration, team groups or management groups then make sure to contact our team. We will be delighted to show you more.

Electronic Document Bundling Software for Family Law Solicitors

Are you looking for software to help you quickly and easily prepare a family law bundle for court? You’ve come to the right place. Bundledocs electronic document bundling software has everything you need to create the perfect bundle in minutes. So whether you’re a family law solicitor or self litigant, this is the tool you need. Ready to learn more?



It’s simple. Bundledocs electronic document bundling software is designed to help lawyers easily create electronic bundles quickly and easily.

So how does it work? Take documents from anywhere, adjust the order, group them, redact anything you don’t want included and that’s it. Bundles are instantly ready to save, securely share or print – from any device, at any time. We even handle document manipulation, annotations, OCR and online collaboration.

Bundledocs is so easy to use most of our users never had training. There is no minimum contract period (so you can cancel at any time) and there is no install required so you can get going straight away.

Did we mention we offer a free trial too? Why not give it a try and see if it suits your requirements.

Unable to view? Visit the Bundledocs YouTube Channel to see our document bundling software video and many many more.




First let’s create and structure our family law bundle. You can create as many sections and sub-sections as you need.


Now that we’ve created our bundle we are ready to add our documents. You can upload directly to each section from the uploads area. Remember, Bundledocs integrates with a range of world leading solutions to make uploading simple. Our integration partners include iManage, NetDocuments, Tikit TFB Partner for Windows, Dropbox, Clio and much more.


You can easily arrange and re-arrange files once their uploaded. Then when you’re ready to complete your bundle, all you need to do is hit the ‘Generate‘ button. There are a number of options you can apply to customise each version of your bundle - whether that’s changing the look of your cover page or index page; re-positioning page numbers, adding watermarks etc - you can do it all here.


Once you click the magic ‘Generate‘ Bundledocs will instantly merge all your files into a single PDF document. An index page is created that lists all your sections, document and corresponding page numbers. It’s hyperlinked too so if you are using it on your computer you can quickly navigate and get to the section/document with a single click. Each page of your bundle is paginated and numbered and did we mention that we automatically create bookmarks too?

Your completed family law bundle is instantly available to download in PDF and this can be printed. Alternatively, if you would like to send the bundle on you can securely share directly from Bundledocs. Amazing!

One of the best things about Bundledocs electronic document bundling software is that making changes is so simple. Now you don’t have to wait until the last minute to prepare your family law ebundles. If you make a change (change the order, add additional documents, need to change the look and feel etc.) just click the ‘Save‘ button. This will automatically update everything - the index, bookmarks, links, page numbers. Say goodbye to document preparation stress!


Ready to say goodbye to your family law bundle preparation worries?

If you’re interested in giving Bundledocs electronic document bundling software a try then you can start your free no-obligation free trial now. Prefer to see how it works first? No problem. Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to arrange a free online demonstration at a time that suits you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Bundledocs New Feature Release - March 2019

Each month we’re delighted to bring you the latest feature releases, news and updates from the world of Bundledocs. Following our custom index release last month (thanks for all the great feedback!), we’re thrilled to bring you even more exciting development news.

Bundledocs_New_Feature_Release_Development_March_2019 copy.png


Our Development team have been working in overdrive to bring you exciting feature release that will make document preparation even easier for you. Last month we were thrilled to launch our new custom index feature. So it’s now possible to add custom index pages to your bundle - formatted to look just as you want!

But what could possibly beat that? Two words. Document Manipulation!

We’re thrilled to finally launch a range of document manipulation tools so you can seamlessly work with your documents directly from Bundledocs. Now it is possible to easily re-order pages, rotate pages, split, extract or even delete pages from an upload document whilst previewing. Awesome right?

To help give you a better idea of how document manipulation works, we’ve created an Introduction to Document Manipulation video so you can see for yourself. Check it out.

Remember, if you’ve any questions about any new feature releases, get in touch with our team. We always love hearing from you so don’t be a stranger!



Earlier this month we were delighted to sponsor the 2019 British Legal Technology Forum in Billingsgate, London. It was great to catchup with our customers, partners and showcase Bundledocs to so many on the day. If you missed our event recap, then check it out here: British Legal Technology Forum 2019 - Event Recap.

What next for Bundledocs? The next stop for the Bundledocs will be LEXPO’19 as sponsors for their annual legal innovation event. This expo will take place on April 8th and 9th in the Park Plaza, Amsterdam. This is the first year we will showcase at the event and we can’t wait!