Getting to know your Account: My Account

Click image to view in detail.

1. Username/ Email Address: In order to locate ‘My Account’ page, users simply login to their Bundledocs account and click their email address, on the top right corner of the screen. Once the email has been clicked a dropdown menu will appear. The dropdown menu enables users to access the Home page, My Account, User Account Stats and the Logout button. Select ‘My Account’.

2. Bundledocs Logo: The Bundledocs logo is located on the top left corner of the Bundledocs User Account. Simply click on the logo to return to the User Account Home page.

3. Account History:  ‘Account History’ is located on the right side of the ‘My Account’ page. This area enables users to view and track information relating to their Bundledocs Account credits. ‘Credit Package History’ allows users to view the 20 latest credit updates. Anytime a user adds additional Bundledocs credits to their account, this area will automatically display the updated number and cost of credits. ‘Credit Allowance History’ allows users to view information relating to each bundle created, eg. Date bundle was created, total cost of creating the bundle.

4. Images: Within the ‘My Account’ page there are three areas for users to access additional information, including: ‘Account Information’, ‘Billing Information’ and ‘Groups and Sharing’. In order to access these pages, users simply click on the images located beneath the Bundledocs logo and the information will appear directly below.

Image a: ‘Account Information’ enables users to update information relating to their account such as: Username, contact email, business address etc. Additionally, users wishing to change their login password can do so in this area.

Image b: ‘Billing Information’ allows users to view statistical information relating to their account. For example, users can view how many credits have been used, how many credits remain on their account etc.

Image c: ‘Groups & Sharing’ enables users to manage their Bundledocs Group information. Users can create groups in order to share a bundle with certain colleagues, or users can join groups with a unique Invitation Key within this area.