Getting to know your Account: Home Page


1. Bundledocs Logo: The Bundledocs logo is located on the top left corner of the Bundledocs User Account. Users simply click on the logo and immediately return to the home page.

2. ‘Create a New Case’ Button: Creating a new case is easy. Users simply login to their unique account and click the ‘Create a New Case’ button. Immediately a prompt appears on screen and users enter a unique ‘Case Code’ and ‘Case Title’. Users can then begin creating document bundles straight away.

3. Code and Case Title: The Bundledocs User Account page is categorised by ‘Case Code’ and ‘Case Title’. All document bundles created within Bundledocs are located in this area. In order to view a bundle, users simply click on either the ‘Case Code’ or the ‘Case Title’ and the bundle will open immediately.

4. Search All: As the number of document bundles created within Bundledocs increases, the ‘Search All’ feature significantly reduces the time taken to find a relevant bundle. Users simple write the ‘Case Code’ or ‘Case Title’ of the bundle required into the ‘Search All’ field and Bundldocs will immediately present the bundles that match the search query.

5. Edit details of a bundle: To change the ‘Case Code’, ‘Case Tile’ or to share a bundle, simply click the notepad icon, located beneath the ‘Search All’ field.

6. Blue Silhouette: To find who the original owner of a bundle is, simply click on the blue silhouette. A window will then appear identifying the name and email address of the original user.

Red Silhouette: A Red Silhouette icon will appear next to the Blue Silhouette and enables users to view if another team-member is working on a bundle. As Bundledocs allows users to share document bundles, this icon will appear on a Users Account Page to show that another user is currently working on that bundle.

7. Username /Email Address: Users can access additional information about their Bundledocs Account by clicking their email address, on the top right corner of the screen. Once the email has been clicked a drop down menu will appear. The dropdown menu enables users to access the Home page, My Account, User Account Stats and the Logout button.