Announcement: Bundledocs Launch New App

Bundledocs Announce New App Launch

Bundledocs Announce New App Launch

Powerful new app enables legal teams to effortlessly build briefs from any location

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to build bundles while out of the office? Wouldn't it be even better if it were possible to do this from your tablet or smartphone? With Bundledocs now you can!

Bundledocs are pleased to announce that we have developed a new app for our document bundling software. Our latest release will enable users to effortlessly create, build, amend or simply access bundles from any device or location. 

For those that have seen Bundledocs in action you should be aware that building briefs is effortless and collaboration is simple and secure. Now with our latest release, Bundledocs offers you the flexibility to work on bundles regardless of whether you are on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This is great for any busy legal professional on the move and ensures you continue to create high quality professional bundles regardless of where you are.

Put a stop to the laborious and time consuming task of creating bundles - book your free online demonstration today!