Free Training Manual - December 2016

We are half way through our 12 Days of Christmas. If you missed any of our announcements (find out what it's all about) or our previous posts you can get caught up now. 

Day 6: Our Training Manual Top Picks

Over the last few days we have been covering the basics of Bundledocs and how you can quickly and easily prepare bundles from start to finish. In today's post we will highlight some of our advanced features. Don't worry this is all covered in full within our Free Training Manual. Get your copy now!

Let's take a look at our Top 3 Advanced Features of Bundledocs... 

1. Working with Templates. 

Working with templates is ideal for those that repeatedly find themselves creating the same types of bundles over and over. By creating templates you can help save even more time and effort. Effortlessly create templates (it works the same as creating a bundle), set defaults and then customize to suit your requirements. Simple!

2. Working with Document Dates. 

Did you know you can easily include document dates within your completed index? With Bundledocs you can not only include dates but can easily include, exclude or even amend document dates or date formats at any time. It has never been easier. 

3. Working with Volumes.

This is a great feature for those that work on and print large bundles as it is often necessary to split contents of your bundle into separate volumes. Depending on the type of bundle you are preparing you may need to create volumes every 100, 120, 300 pages. What's great about Bundledocs is you have full control and can produce volumes of any size and that suit all your requirements. 

Interested to learn more? Make sure to download a copy of our Complete Training Manual by getting in touch with the Bundledocs team or download directly within your Bundledocs account