How to Exclude a Document from your Bundle - Training Tip

How can I exclude an individual document if I do not want it appearing in my bundle?

1. Edit Document Details. To exclude a document from your completed bundle, simply select the 'Edit Details' icon. This is located to the right of any document. 

2. Expand 'Advanced'. A window will then appear. Select 'Advanced' to expand this section. 

3. Exclude Document. Select the 'Include/Exclude' icon to exclude this document. 

4. Update Changes. Select 'Update' to complete. 

5. Document Excluded. That's it! This document is now excluded from your bundle. 


How do I know if a document is excluded from my bundle or not?

Bundledocs makes it easy to see - at a glance - any document that has been excluded. Simply take a look at the document name. Any excluded document will appear with a strike-through the document description. 


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