Transaction Deal Bible

Electronic Transaction Deal Bible Software for Lawyers

Are you on the hunt for an efficient and cost effective way to store, search, retrieve and share large numbers of documents? You're in luck... we have just the solution for you. 

So first things first, what is a transaction bible? According to Thomson Reuters a transaction bible is defined as “the set of main documents in a transaction which are grouped together for ease of reference".

When you come to the end of a large transaction and the deal is completed, there will more than likely be a large number of transaction and case documents that every lawyer or in-house legal department will need to hand over to their client. That's where Bundledocs electronic closing binder software comes in. 

How does it work? Simply gather your case documents into Bundledocs, apply customisations and then securely distribute or share with clients and relevant parties. It is ideal for anyone that needs to create a corporate or transaction deal bible, closing bible, mergers and acquisitions, property deed packets, trial bundles - really any type of electronic bible.

Ready to find out more?  Let's jump right in...


Include Key Documents

With Bundledocs you can easily upload any type of document such as word documents, PDF's, excel, images, emails etc. All documents are automatically converted to PDF on upload. Don't worry, you can still download the document in its original format, if needed.


your index created automatically

As part of your transaction bible you will need to create an index page listing the schedule of documents to be included. With Bundledocs, this index page is created automatically. Yes, that's right. All you need to do it click one button. 

That's not all. Every index page created in Bundledocs is automatically hyperlinked. Imagine how much time and effort this could save when working with large numbers of documents or if any changes are needed. 

Then if that wasn't good enough. Bundledocs also automatically creates bookmarks to reflect your index page. Between this and the hyperlinked index you can easily jump from one section to another and move through your electronic bible with ease. Magic!


Fully Searchable Electronic Bible

Ensure your electronic binder is fully searchable. Bundledocs offers powerful OCR functionality as standard. For you, this will mean that your bundle is fully searchable - even if you have scanned documents. Find what you want, when you want. 

Again, this is all possible with the click of a button. 


Apply Corporate Branding

With a range of customisations available you can include company branding on every electronic bible created. Effortlessly apply your firms corporate branding such as custom cover pages, fonts etc. 


The End Result

Every electronic bible created in Bundledocs is immediately available in PDF format. From here you can choose how you would like your bible distributed. For example: 

  • Hard Copy: Download and Print

  • Electronic Format: Save a copy of your binder to a CD/DVD or USB

  • Share: Securely email your binder directly from Bundledocs. Even better securely invite others to access your bundle. You bibles are held in a central location so why not invite the relevant parties to access your bundle in Bundledocs?

However you want to share your completed electronic bible, Bundledocs has an option for you. Need any help? Whether you are a long-time customer or just taking a look, our dedicated team are happy to assist. What are your waiting for - get in touch with the Bundledocs team today!