Lawyers Using iPad for Business

In a recent article entitled “2011 Legal Technology Survey Report” we discussed the American Bar Association’s annual report which revealed interesting information regarding the role of technology within the legal sector. The report identified that 20% of lawyers surveyed use a tablet device and of those, 96% identified the iPad as their brand of choice. So how are lawyers using the iPad for business?

Lawyers use of the ipad

Lawyers use of the ipad

Source: Law Tech Review

Discussing the significant growth of the iPad within the legal sector, the Lawyer Tech Review commented “the next time you go to court, don’t be surprised if you spot an iPad sitting next to the judge’s gavel”.  Due to its light weight and small size, tablet devices are particularly attractive to lawyers who often have to carry heavy folders, laptops and briefcases. According to LexBlog Inc, author and technology attorney Tom Mighell identified a number of benefits that the iPad has for the legal sector, these include: research, reading, note taking, use in meetings and in court.

In our article “Are Paperless Courts the Future for the Legal Sector?” we discussed a new scheme ‘Transforming through Technology’ which seeks to create paperless courts by replacing traditional bundles of paper with iPad style devices. Through this scheme files will be sent electronically and the tablet devices will then contain everything they need in court. Quinton Newcomb, a barrister from the south-eastern circuit of the Bar Council, told the guardian that “in theory this will mean that advocates will have access to everything that they need, apart from their wig and gown of course, all on a small digital device”.

Similarly Bundledocs users can use their iPad while in court, in a meeting – or anywhere. Bundledocs enables users to create an electronic document bundle that is fully ordered, indexed and paginated into a complete pdf document. With Bundledocs when users are out of the office they can use their iPad to easily view their document bundles or even send bundles to other parties. With the use of tablet devices, such as the iPad, lawyers can easily access their document bundles at any time, regardless of location.

How are you using your iPad for business?