Create a New Section with the Bundledocs Upload Helper

This week we have been reviewing the recently updated Bundledocs Upload Helper. This latest release has been specifically developed for Partner for Windows (P4W) users to enable them to seamlessly upload case documents from P4W into Bundledocs.  

Following on from yesterday's post, where we looked at how to create a new bundle within the Bundledocs Upload Helper we will now see how easy it is to create a new section and upload our selected files into this section. All using the Bundledocs Upload Helper. 

Once you have selected a bundle, next we will need to specify which section we would like to upload documents into. Within the Bundledocs Upload Helper users also have the ability to rename any section and/or create new section from your bundle.  

1. Select a bundle. Learn more. 

2. Select a section. The Bundledocs Upload Helper allows users to effortlessly re-name any section name. To do so, simply double click on the screen name. 

3. A window will then appear. Simply type the new name within the field provided. In this example we will rename 'Default Bundle Section' to 'Pleadings'.

4. Select 'OK' to complete. 

Want to create a new section? No problem. Simply select the 'Create Section' button to easily create a new section for your bundle. 

That's it! Once you have successfully selected your bundle and section within the Bundledocs Upload Helper, your documents will upload directly from P4W into Bundledocs.