Bundledocs Announce Seamless Integration with Worldox

Powerful integration to effortlessly produce superb bundles in minutes. 

Bundledocs today announced a partnership and integration between their document bundling software and Worldox document management system. This new integration will enable legal professionals to easily produce high quality document bundles, briefs and booklets in minutes.

Bundledocs intuitive design and automation of time consuming tasks simplifies the process of creating bundles. With this seamless integration with Worldox, documents are quickly and easily uploaded directly into your bundle. Once uploaded, Bundledocs takes over to automatically create a fully indexed, paginated, bates numbered, hyperlinked and bookmarked bundle – ready to print, save or share.

Brian Kenneally, Director at Bundledocs stated, “We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Worldox, a leader in the legal document management field. At Bundledocs we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive bundling solution on the market. Together with Worldox, our new integration will allow us leverage each other’s strength to help our mutual clients effortlessly produce bundles and enhance their overall productivity”.

“Our early adopter clients are very excited at this integration from Worldox to Bundledocs. They are already using it successfully for both Litigation and Mediation engagements. Paralegals are finding it more beneficial when compared to other tools they would have used previously for document preparation”, said Peter Brannigan, President of Ardmore Consulting

and a premier Worldox Systems Integrator that helped design the integration.

For more information about Bundledocs or how it can be integrated into your system, contact a member of support on +353 21 482 6320 or email info@bundledocs.com.