Bundledocs App: Arrange Case Documents with Ease

Create the perfect bundle in minutes

Bundledocs recently launched a new app so you can effortlessly build bundles directly from your smartphone or tablet device. This is great for busy legal professionals on the move as you can access, amend or even create complete bundles on the go. 

For those familiar with our desktop solution you will be aware that moving documents within Bundledocs is done by simply dragging and dropping. This is great as it enables you to arrange and re-arrange documents with ease. 

Want to learn how to move documents within the Bundledocs App? Follow these 3 steps...

Step One: Within the Bundledocs App you must use the File Type icon to move documents. Simply select, for example the Word logo, as highlighted above. 

Step Two: Drag the document to the correct location. Note: A blue dash box will appear highlighting the area in which the document will be dropped.

Step Three: Drop the document in place. Remember to press 'Save' to automatically update the document ordering.