Never Create an Index Again - December 2016

We are coming to the end of our 12 Days of Christmas. If you missed anything then make sure to get up to date with the latest now. We have compiled a complete list of everything covered at the end of this post. 

Day 10: Never Create an Index Again

Why waste time manually creating an index for your bundles, briefs or binders when Bundledocs can automatically do the hard work for you - automatically - all with the click of a button. Just think of how much time this could save you!

With Bundledocs you can streamline document preparation and manage your cases more effectively. The best bit is it's so simple and easy to use you don't need to allocate time to long training session and you can get started straight away. 

When it comes to preparing your index we know that not everyone's needs are the same. That is why we provide a range of customization's to help ensure every index and bundle is prepared precisely and suits every need and requirement. 

Don't believe us? Why not use our free trial account and test it out for yourself (there is no credit card required, no obligation and it last for 30 days). Get started today!

Already a Bundledocs user? Make sure to download a copy of our latest training manual directly from your account. You may find out even more about how you can customize your bundle and your index. For example, did you know you can include dates in your index. Download your copy now!