Upload Documents from Actionstep into Bundledocs

Bundledocs_Actionstep_Partner_Image (00018828xC5E42).PNG


Back in August, the Bundledocs team were delighted to announce our latest integration partner Actionstep. For anyone unfamiliar with Actionstep, it is a fully-fledged practice management system in the cloud, that offers you everything you need to run your law firm - from matter management, time billing, integrated accounting etc. 

With both Bundledocs and Actionstep 100% cloud based, this is a perfect match and ensures that no matter where you are, you can access your documents and prepare bundles - anytime, anyplace. Even better, our integration with Actionstep is so simple and intuitive to use. Just search by matter name or matter number, find your documents and bundle it all up. What could be easier?

Interested to see how it all works? We have created a short video (it's only 1:04 long) that takes you through how to upload your files and documents from Actionstep directly into Bundledocs. Take a look now...


Ready to give it a try for yourself? Access the dedicated Bundledocs page on the Actionstep Marketplace to get started with your Free 30 day trial account or get in touch to arrange your free online demonstration