Securely Send the Index Page to Other Side Counsel - Training Tip

At Bundledocs, our team are dedicated to providing you with a solution to help you prepare bundles from beginning to end. One of the best parts of Bundledocs is it is incredibly simple and easy to use. So much so, at times you may not be aware that there is a range of powerful features and functionality available. 

I only want to send the index page to counsel - not the whole bundle. Is this possible in Bundledocs?
— New Bundledocs User

Recently our support team had an enquiry from a user that wanted to only send the complete index page (that is generated automatically within Bundledocs) to the other side counsel. Interested to see how this is done? Let's take a closer look...

1. Select the 'Generate' button. 

2. Expand the 'Section Pages' section.

3. Click the option 'Remove Section Index and Title Pages' and also select 'Generate without Documents'. By choosing these options you will hide all the documents of your bundle. If you have a multiple section bundle, selecting the 'Remove Section Index and Title Page' option will hide the index pages that appear at the beginning of each new section.

4. Select 'Generate'. Once complete, a preview window will automatically appear. Scroll through your index and review.


Did you know it is possible to securely send bundles to other side counsel, or any third party, directly within Bundledocs? It's simple. Take a look at how it's done...

1. Select 'Download'.

2. Make sure the correct bundle is selected. If not, just select the drop-down and choose your bundle. Once this is selected, click the envelope button, as highlighted above. From here you will be able to securely share your completed bundle (or index page) with others.


For more information about how to securely share bundles, make sure to download a copy of our Complete Training Manual. This is available to download for free, at any time, directly within your account.