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Effortlessly Create an Electronic Bundle for the High Court with Bundledocs

Streamline Document Preparation with Bundledocs

Do you need a solution to help you prepare high quality professional electronic bundles for the High Court? Then Bundledocs is the solution for you. 

At Bundledocs we know it is imperative that our solution is simple and intuitive to use but also powerful to ensure that every bundle produced is prepared precisely, is of high standard and can be provided to the court in good time. Many courts have outlined specific practice directions/ practice notes to assist with the production of electronic bundles. In today's post we will highlight how Bundledocs can help you effortlessly prepare ebundles for the High Court. 

Let's take a closer look...

Format: All bundles produced with Bundledocs are immediately available in PDF format and can be OCR'd meaning they are fully searchable. Better still you can produce hard copy bundles and electronic bundles (ebundles) all with the click of a button.  

Want to see how it works? Make sure to check out our latest blog post '3 Steps to Create a Hard Copy eBundle'.

Folders and Folder Names: With Bundledocs you can easily create single or multiple volumes, folders (sections) or sub-folders (sections). Folders can be named with an appropriate description and changes made effortlessly. 

Document Names: Similarly, you have full control over document descriptions and can name any document to suit your requirements and court guidelines. 

Table of Contents and Indexes: When it comes to indexing your ebundle, Bundledocs handles all the hard work for you. It automatically generates a complete index and sub-index pages (if needed) all with the click of a button. Even better - if any changes are made, it will automatically re-index your bundle for you. Think of how much time and effort this could save your team! 

Hyperlinking: That's not all. Bundledocs not only automatically generates a complete index - it also automatically hyperlinks your index and bookmarks your completed electronic bundle. This is great as it allows you to easily search and find items contained in your bundle. 


Whether you are creating a hard copy bundle or an electronic bundle for the High Court, Bundledocs is the solution for you. Want to see it in action? Schedule your FREE online demonstration with our dedicated team today!