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Get Ready for the New Conveyancing PCIT System with Bundledocs

On January 1st 2019, the rules for conveyancing in the Republic of Ireland will change to a new Pre-Contract Investigation of Title (PCIT) system. Are you ready for the new changes?

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According to the Law Society of Ireland, the new PCIT (pre-contract investigation of title) system will streamline and improve the conveyancing process in Ireland.

Coming into force from January 1st 2019, the new PCIT system will improve the conveyancing processes by ensuring any questions relating to the property’s title are raised and resolved before the contracts are signed. As a result the buying and selling of property will become more streamlined and efficient, with the new system now requiring title investigation before contracts are signed.

For more information on the new conveyancing changes, check out the Irish Law Society’s article “A faster, more efficient way to buy and sell property”.

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