Could new technologies change the way we work?

Social media, mobile technologies and cloud based computing has seen a dramatic rise in recent years. Collectively these relatively new technologies have greatly accelerated the speed at which ideas are generated and brought to fruition. As these technologies continue to rise, it is important to consider what effects this will have on future working practices.

Within our personal lives actively communicating and collaborating online has become the norm. People spend hour’s online sharing news and views, uploading photos and videos and engaging with each other. However, although these new technologies play a significant role within our personal lives, cooperating this smoothly in our professional lives is quite different.

In order to help us understand how new technologies such as social media, mobile technologies and cloud based computing could affect the future of working practices, Google commissioned an international study. In order to examine this workplace transformation Google gathered opinions from employees around the world and also experts in innovation and business transformation.  Based on the results from this study there are three areas where Google think these new technologies will dramatically alter future working practices.

1: Communication & collaboration

2: 100% mobile web business world

3: Going social


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