Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

As cloud computing continues to evolve and develop, there has been a significant increase in the amount of information available. According to Mr. J. Lahtinen, cloud computing future projections have indicated that the cloud computing market will reach nearly $250 billion by 2016. However if recent reports are to believed, it would appear that businesses are moving to cloud computing faster than anyone would have predicted a year ago.

According to Quentin Hardy of the New York Times last week was a milestone week for enterprise computing – and the cloud won. On Tuesday February 21st Dell reported that the current quarter sales would fall by 7% with the company experiencing lower earnings overall. Similarly on Wednesday February 22nd Hewlett-Packard also reported lower earnings not just for this quarter but for the year. However on Thursday February 23rd, which provides CRM software through a cloud computing based system, revealed quite different results. predicted that its fourth-quarter revenue was up by 38%. So if these latest figures are any indication of future performance, then cloud computing is already beginning to have a significant impact.

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