How will paperless courts affect legal document preparation?


Traditionally the legal sector has been a largely ‘paper only’ industry, however Lord Justice Jackson warns that the industry could face a compulsory electronic era. According to the Law Society Gazette, speaking at a recent lecture Judge Jackson called for an integrated court IT system. In addition to outlining some key systems, Judge Jackson stated that there is “an overarching need for the civil courts to move from paper systems to electronic systems, just as every other public service has done”.

Check out our recent article ‘Are paperless courts the future for the legal sector?’ which discusses the possibility of a move towards a paperless court, with tablet devices set to replace traditional paper documents within courts.

However, as the legal sector continues to adopt new technologies, it is important to consider what these changes will have on the production of legal documents for court?

Marilyn Stowe, blogger and senior partner in Stowe Family Law, wrote an article for the ‘Solicitors Journal’ in which she discussed a future where digital files will replace court bundles. Within the article Stowe argues the move towards a paperless system could help overcome a number of problems - so the days of carrying heavy lever arch files into court could be a thing of the past.

Stowe suggests that often problems can emerge when contents of the lever arch files are cross-checked only to find that the judge’s bundle is incomplete, empty or may even have gone missing. The result of these discrepancies can mean that the case can be adjourned or delayed as someone runs to photocopy hundreds of papers. The introduction of a paperless court could prove very valuable to lawyers, judges and all parties within the courtroom enabling them to send, receive and view document bundles with minimal effort.

How can Bundledocs help?

Regardless of whether courts use traditional paper bundle or electronic bundles, Bundledocs can help legal professionals quickly and easily create document bundles for court. Bundledocs makes creating bundles easy as it automates the most time consuming tasks such as indexing, numbering, sectioning and even sending your document bundle. Take the hard work out of creating legal document bundles today!

What are your thoughts on paperless courts? Will an electronic system benefit the courtroom?

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