Can I move multiple files at once in Bundledocs?

Yes. Within our Drag & Drop series, we have covered a number of ways to move documents within Bundledocs. These include: moving a single document, moving multiple documents from different areas and moving multiple documents in sequence.

In addition to these Drag & Drop functions, Bundledocs Bulk Actions feature can also be used to easily move documents from one area or section to another. This process is simple and is particularly beneficial when moving documents within a large brief. For those not comfortable with dragging and dropping documents, our Bulk Actions feature provides an easy alternative for moving multiple files within your case.

How to move documents with the Bundledocs Bulk Actions feature: 

  1. Beside each section and document in your bundle is a tick box. Press the box to select. Once a box is selected a tick should appear within the box. Alternatively, select the box again to exclude.

  2. Repeat step one. By selecting multiple documents, these documents or sections will be included in your ‘bulk actions’ move.

  3. Select the Bulk Actions button (highlighted below in yellow). A window should appear.

  4. Select Move from the selection

  5. From the dropdown, choose where you want to move the selected documents.

  6. Press ‘Continue’.

Now let's see how this looks in Bundledocs..