How to drag and drop multiple files in sequence

In the third part of our Drag & Drop series, we will address how to move multiple files from one area to another. In comparison to our previous article “How to drag and drop multiple files at once”, this step moves a number of sequential/grouped documents at once. This is great for any Bundledocs user that needs to move a number of documents from the Storage to the Work Area.

How do I move a number of grouped files from one location to another at once? Let’s take a look at these simple steps, which we hope will save you time and effort. 

  1. Select the first file of the sequence with your mouse pointer

  2. Press and hold the Shift Key (on the keyboard).

  3. While holding the Shift Key, select the last file in the sequence.

  4. All the documents between and including the first and last document should now be selected. Release the Shift Key.

  5. Select and hold the highlighted files with the mouse pointer and move the mouse to the area where you want to move the files.

  6. Release the mouse pointer.

Now, let’s see how this looks in Bundledocs…


Top Tip! Remember when moving documents from the Storage Area to the Work Area within Bundledocs, make sure the dash line appears before dropping the document. The dash line appears as a guide to ensure you are dropping your document in the correct position.