5 Steps to Create an Electronic Brief

Take the hassle out of creating an electronic brief. With Bundledocs it only takes 5 steps...


1. Create a Brief: Login to you Bundledocs account and select the 'Create a New Case' button. Provide a unique Case Code and Case Title. Don't have a Bundledocs Account? No problem. Create your free trial today!


2. Upload Documents: Now it's time to start building our e-brief. Upload all your case files and documents securely into Bundledocs. Upload any file including: Word, PDF, Txt Files, Emails, Charts, Pictures etc.


3. Arrange & Order: Once you've uploaded your documents, it's time to arrange them in the correct order. Drag and Drop documents into place. Create single or multiple sections. 


4. Customise: Before you complete your bundle, you can customise how you want your bundle to appear. With a few clicks you can customise your page numbering and bates numbering, include title pages and descriptions, add watermarks, include and exclude specific sections of your trial brief. Customise your e-brief just how you like it!


5. Download: Once you are happy with your brief, it is ready to download. With full automation creating electronic briefs has never been easier. Bundledocs will automatically create an index, atuomatically paginate your brief, to produce a single PDF e-brief that is fully bookmarked and hyperlinked. Simple.