Bundledocs: How do I upload files into my Storage Area?

Uploading files into your Bundledocs account is one of the first steps required to create your bundle. There are a number of ways to securely upload your files and we will review these within our upcoming Uploading Series. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with our latest articles.

In this, the first part of our series, we will cover the basics: How to upload files into your Storage Area. Let’s take a closer look...

  1. Select the ‘Upload Documents’ button. Once this is clicked a window will appear.

  2. Within the ‘Upload Documents’ section, the ‘Default Storage Location’ is selected by default. We will keep this setting to upload documents into the Storage Area.

  3. Select the ‘Choose Documents to Upload’ button. A window will appear and users should select files to upload.

  4. As files are uploaded into your account, a File Action Console window will appear showing the progress. Wait until 2 green ticks appear beside your file and click ‘Close’.

About Bundledocs... 

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