Effortlessly Apply a Watermark to your Bundle

Bundledocs are pleased to announce that we have enhanced our watermark feature within our latest release. At Bundledocs we are continually developing our features to help our users produce high quality professional bundles that suit every requirement. As such, within our latest release we have further developed our watermark feature so it is now possible to upload a custom watermark image to your bundle. This can be done in only a few steps, let's take a closer look...

Effortlessly apply a watermark image to your bundle. Simply 1) choose to apply a watermark to your bundle and then 2) select 'Choose Watermark' to upload your image. It really is that simple. Even better, you can include/exclude your watermark, at any time and at no extra cost.

New to Bundledocs? If you are new to Bundledocs then please take a look at our '5 Steps to Create a Bundle' video. This will give you an overview of the simple steps needed to create a high quality professional bundle in minutes. Take a look now!