Feature Focus: Forwarding Bundles to Counsel Just Got Easier

With Bundledocs 'Forward Bundle to Third Party' working with counsel or any third party has just got easier. For those that are unfamiliar, our 'Forward Bundle to Third Party' feature enables you to securely forward your bundle directly to any third party - whether that is a colleague, another practice, counsel etc. That's not all. It also works great if bundles are too large to send via email. 

At Bundledocs we are dedicated to continually developing our solutions to best meet the needs of our users. Recently, we introduced a new feature to help make sharing bundles with third parties even easier. Our latest enhancement enables you to auto-generate a secure password for your bundle. Don't worry, you can still use your own password if you wish. Let's take a closer look...

Want to auto-generate a secure password for your bundle? No problem. Simply select the icon as highlighted above.

This new feature enhancement is also available for our Bundledocs App users. Simply select the icon, as shown above, to produce a unique password for your bundle.

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