Feature Focus: Easily Expand/Collapse All Bundledocs Sections

At Bundledocs we are continually enhancing our product and service offering to help our users seamlessly produce bundles with ease. In our latest Feature Focus post, we will highlight our new Expand/Collapse feature. 

The new Expand/Collapse feature is great for those that work with large bundles or any bundle with multiple sections. Currently available within the Bundledocs App, this new feature enables users to effortlessly open or even close all open tabs - all with the click of a button. 

Want to open all sections within your bundle at once? With the new Expand/Collapse feature now you can. Simply select the button, as highlighted above. This will open all sections and reveal the documents and files that are currently included within. 

Similarly, if you need to close all open sections at once, this can be done using the same step. Simply select the Expand/Collapse button. All open tabs will immediately close. It really is that simple. 

Don't just take our word for it. Login to your Bundledocs App account today to see for yourself!