How to delete multiple documents in Bundledocs - Training Tip

How do I delete multiple documents at once within Bundledocs? 

1. Create a new section within Bundledocs. 

2. Move all files you would like to remove into this files. 

3. Select the 'Edit Details' icon. This is located to the right of your section. 

4. A window will then appear. Select the red 'Delete' button. 


That's it. Your section will then be deleted - including all the documents contained within. Need to see how to delete a single document in Bundledocs, check out our latest post now!

How to Exclude a Section from your Bundle - Training Tip

How can I exclude a section if I do not want it included in my bundle? 

1. To exclude any section simply select the blue 'Inc' button. This is located to the right of every section. 

2. With just one click this section is now excluded. With Bundledocs you can easily include or exclude any section when required and make changes as many times as needed. Just think of how much time it can save when producing alternative versions of your bundle!

Top Tip! Remember to re-generate your bundle to see your changes and download the latest version of your bundle. 

Did you know it is also possible to exclude individual documents from your bundle? Check out our latest post 'How to exclude a document from your bundle' and see how today!

Feature Focus: Easily Expand/Collapse All Bundledocs Sections

At Bundledocs we are continually enhancing our product and service offering to help our users seamlessly produce bundles with ease. In our latest Feature Focus post, we will highlight our new Expand/Collapse feature. 

The new Expand/Collapse feature is great for those that work with large bundles or any bundle with multiple sections. Currently available within the Bundledocs App, this new feature enables users to effortlessly open or even close all open tabs - all with the click of a button. 

Want to open all sections within your bundle at once? With the new Expand/Collapse feature now you can. Simply select the button, as highlighted above. This will open all sections and reveal the documents and files that are currently included within. 

Similarly, if you need to close all open sections at once, this can be done using the same step. Simply select the Expand/Collapse button. All open tabs will immediately close. It really is that simple. 

Don't just take our word for it. Login to your Bundledocs App account today to see for yourself!

Easily Rename Sections within Bundledocs

Effortlessly create the perfect document bundle with Bundledocs. Our unique software solution simplifies the process so it only takes 5 steps to create high quality professional bundles in minutes. For those that are new to Bundledocs, one of the first steps required is to rename the 'Default Bundle Section'. Within this post we will detail how this can be done. Let's take a closer look...

Every new case created within Bundledocs will automatically have a 'Default Bundle Section' created. This section can be easily re-named by double clicking on the title. Simply type the new name within the field provided and click away to complete. That's it! 

Top Tip: Any section or uploaded document can be easily re-named by double-clicking or by using the 'Edit Details' option. This is located to the right of each section/document within your account. Even Better? It works the same regardless of whether you are accessing Bundledocs from your desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone device. Simple.  

Any Questions? Get in touch with our team to get your questions answered today.

Feature Focus: Restart Page Numbering for Each Section

Page numbering has never been easier with Bundledocs. Within this Feature Focus post we will take a look at how to restart page numbering at the beginning of each new section. 

For those that are not aware, Bundledocs automatically paginates/numbers each bundle created - as well as automatically indexing, bookmarking, hyperlinking etc. For users that create multiple section bundles, you may want to restart page numbering at the beginning of each section. With Bundledocs all it takes is the click of a button. Take a look at the steps detailed below or check out our ‘How to Paginate Court Documents’ video to see it in action.

Easily restart page numbering at the beginning of each section

Easily restart page numbering at the beginning of each section

To restart page numbering at the beginning of each new section simply:

  1. Select Generate

  2. Select the '+' next to 'Page Numbering' to expand the ‘Page Numbering‘ section

  3. Select the 'Restart Page Numbering' tick box

  4. Select 'Generate' to complete

Paginated Bundle - Example

(Let’s take a look at how our completed numbered bundle will appear)

Index Page: Page numbering restarts at the beginning of each new section

Index Page: Page numbering restarts at the beginning of each new section

It really is that simple. Bundledocs automatically produces a fully indexed, sectioned, paginated, bookmarked and hyperlinked bundle in minutes.The example above is a simple index page but you have the ability to customise to suit your requirements. Start your free trial today and give it a try for yourself.

Creating bundles is effortless with Bundledocs. For more information, please see our 'Complete Training Guide' which can be downloaded within your account. Any questions, simply get in contact with our support team today!