Easily Rename Sections within Bundledocs

Effortlessly create the perfect document bundle with Bundledocs. Our unique software solution simplifies the process so it only takes 5 steps to create high quality professional bundles in minutes. For those that are new to Bundledocs, one of the first steps required is to rename the 'Default Bundle Section'. Within this post we will detail how this can be done. Let's take a closer look...

Every new case created within Bundledocs will automatically have a 'Default Bundle Section' created. This section can be easily re-named by double clicking on the title. Simply type the new name within the field provided and click away to complete. That's it! 

Top Tip: Any section or uploaded document can be easily re-named by double-clicking or by using the 'Edit Details' option. This is located to the right of each section/document within your account. Even Better? It works the same regardless of whether you are accessing Bundledocs from your desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone device. Simple.  

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