Q&A: Can I select certain pages from a PDF if I don't want all of them to appear in my bundle?

Question: Does Bundledocs provide a facility where you can select pages from a PDF document if you do not want all of them to appear in the bundle you are creating?


Answer: Yes. Bundledocs makes creating bundles simple. We know that even when documents are uploaded you may still need to make adjustments. Using our 'Page Range' or 'Split Range' features you can customise any uploaded file so only the relevant pages are included within your final completed bundle.

In today's post we will highlight the 'Page Range' feature. Unlike the Split Range feature, no additional documents are created, Bundledocs simply excludes any irrelevant pages (based on your specification). 

Let's take a closer look at how this works...

1. Upload your document into Bundledocs. Select the 'Edit Details' icon which is located to the right of your document. 

2. Once selected, a window will appear. Within the 'Page Range' field, you can specify which pages you would like to appear within your completed bundle. Within this example, I want to exclude pages 12 and 14 from my bundle. Therefore, within the Page Range field I will choose the range 1-11,13,15-16. (Do not use spaces when specifying your range). Select Update to complete. 

That's it. You can even preview your document and make sure it is exactly how you want it to appear. Simply double click the file type icon, as shown above, to preview. 


For full details of all Bundledocs features, download our Manual within your Bundledocs account.