New Integration - Add Documents from Clio

Bundledocs recently announced a new integration with Clio Practice Management Software. With our seamless integration, Clio users can now effortlessly upload matter files directly from Clio into specific sections of their bundle. Once uploaded a complete bundle can be created in minutes. Document bundling has never been easier!

Want to see how to effortlessly add documents from Clio into your Bundledocs account. Let's take a closer look...

Effortlessly Upload Files from your Clio Account

Step One: Select the 'Upload' button

Step Two: Search your Clio contacts

Step Three: Choose a Contact

Step Four: Choose a Matter

Step Five: Choose your Documents

Step Six: Select the 'Create Documents' button to upload. 

Take a look at our Bundledocs Clio Integration video to see the upload process in action. Not already a Bundledocs user? Set up a trial account today and test it out for yourself!